Friday, May 15, 2009

An alternative way to see Florence

There is a new way to see Florence that causing quite a stir of interest among the streets of the Centro Storico. Rather than a conventional walking tour, Segway tours have embraced cutting edge technology and offer a tour where visitors maneuver their way around the city on a self balancing electric vehicle. Segway Tours provide a totally unique adventure around the historic city centre which boasts an abundance of Florence apartments that are available for short term rentals.

The Segway PT was invented by Dean Kamen and is produced by Segway Inc who are based in New Hampshire, United States. The word Segway is derived from the Italian verb segue, which means to follow, the PT part stands for Personal Transporter.

In order to make the Segway move forward the user simply leans forward and to go backwards, leans back. The design incorporates a “lean steer” handlebar which enables the user to turn. It is driven by an electric motor and travels at a maximum speed of 12.5 miles per hour (20.1 km/h). In order to deal with the issue of tilting the designers have incorporated Gyroscopic sensors which cause the motors to respond and return the handle and foot plate to an upright position.

The Segway tours are given by professional guides who have been educated in Art, History and Languages. Users are given a 30 minute “orientation session” so that they can become acquainted with the functions of the Segway before embarking on the tour.

This is a totally unforgettable way to see Florence’s highlights and you will have enough energy after the tour to carry on your holiday activities. The tours can be booked online at the official website here:

Further Information
The Morning Tour Starts at 10:00 am *
The Afternoon Tour Starts at 3:00 pm *
*Given in English
From Monday to Saturday
15th of January - 31st of March: Available only the morning tours
1st of April - 31st of October: Available the morning and the afternoon tours
1st of November - 15th of December: Available only the morning tours
16th of December - 15th January: Not Available

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